Knowledge Technologies Conference 2002 / March 11-14, 2002 - Westin Seattle Hotel - Seattle, WA - USA


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Speaker Details

Dear Presenter:

March is here!

All of the final updates have been made to the conference schedule, please be sure to check out the changes: Schedule-at-a-Glance.

Presentation Materials

The presentation submission deadline has past. I urge you if you have not sent in your final presentation and/or paper, please do so IMMEDIATELY!

Presentation Guidelines
All presentations were to be received by February 15. If you have not done so already, please forward your presentation to our webmaster - [email protected]. A web version of the proceedings will be developed for the conference. PDF, Powerpoint and HTML are all acceptable formats. If you are using a format other than what was listed above - please contact Dave Kunkel directly.

Press Relations and Marketing
We encourage all presenters to send out notices regarding their presentation - to any related press representatives. We have found it to be beneficial to both the presenter and the event. In addition, feel free to link your company's web site to event web site - FYI: The official event Web address is

All presenters should have received a confirmation to the event. Please contact our IDEAlliance Registrar if you have not received a confirmation or if you have registration questions: Kim Kenny - [email protected]. Onsite registration will be held in the Cascade Foyer. Please proceed to the registration desk in the foyer to pick up your registration packet.

Hotel Information
The reservation cutoff date was February 17, 2002. For more details - check out the hotel and reservation information on the conference web site.

Audio Visual
All of the session rooms will include the following standard equipment: one computer projection unit, one screen and microphones. If using the computer projection unit, please remember that you will be responsible for supplying the computer. Also, we will need to know the type of computer you will be using (PC or MAC) and the resolution of your presentation (see the form). If your presentation requires additional audio visual equipment, please list that information on the speaker information and commitment form (we will try to accommodate your request).

Special Note: Internet connections will NOT be provided. Please try to make other arrangements.

Speaker Commitment Form - Are Past Due - February 1
To ensure that we have your most current contact information, biography, and a/v requirements, we ask that you please complete the following commitment form.

Presentation Logistics
The program is divided up into 3 rooms - throughout three days. Each session on any particular day is then divided up into two 45 minute talks (35 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A). Both speakers in a given session should be present 10 minutes before the start of that session regardless of who speaks first. (This is to allow for an audio/visual check and an easy transition between speakers.) In addition, we ask that the presenter who speaks first in a session remain present throughout the remainder of the second talk in that session. Please feel free to again review the conference
for clarification on your presentation time or contact me directly at [email protected].

FYI: All presentations will be taking place at the The Westin Seattle Hotel. Exact meeting rooms are not posted on the Schedule-at-a-Glance.

Speaker Prep Room
The Speaker Prep Room will be open and available from 8:00 am-5:30 pm Monday-Wednesday. Please feel free to use this room to meet other participants and coordinate presentations. The location of the room is Stuart.

Again, we all thank you for taking the time to review all the above information and look forward to seeing you in Seattle.

Jane Harnad, Director of Conference Programs
[email protected]

703-837-1095 phone

703-837-1072 fax


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