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Management Track: A Manager's View of Technology
Track Chair: Dianne Kennedy, Chief Strategy Officer, InfoLoom, Inc.

RDF and the Semantic Web: What Managers Need to Know
Joel Sachs, Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Description: Massively improved search; knowledge sharing; corporate memory - these are some of the promises held forth by the impending semantic web. In this session, we will give a manager's introduction to RDF, the foundation on which the semantic web is being built. We will look at representative scenarios/architectures showing how RDF can be used today, and at tentative architectures showing how RDF will be used tomorrow.
Presentation Materials: Power Point Slides

An Introduction to Service Architectures
David Turner, XML Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation
Description: Web services are fast becoming the programmatic backbone for electronic commerce. A Web Service describes specific business functionality exposed by a company for the purpose of providing a way for another company to use the service. Integrating web services into service frameworks and providing mechanisms to facilitate web service discovery remain challenges. In this presentation, David Turner will explain what a service architecture is and discuss leading service architectures including .net, ebXML, BizTalk, and UDDI.
Presentation Materials: Power Point Slides

Ontologies and Taxonomies: A Manager's Overview
Dr. Joseph Williamson, Vice President Knowledge Services, EDS - Federal
Description: As we struggle to implement intuitive intranet navigation, seek to leverage shared meaning and language and as we place more emphasis on intangibles, collaboration, innovation, virtual communication the use of taxonomies and ontologies increase in visibility and importance. In fact we find the applications of these technologies surfacing in eCommerce, in portals, in object orientated and RDMS, in informal group work, in B2b exchanges, in large global enterprises and even in mom and pop shops. In this presentation learn more about taxonomies and ontologies and how they can be employed.
Presentation Materials: PDF Slides

Topic Maps and XTM; A Manager's Overview
Michel Biezunski, CEO/Founder, InfoLoom, Inc. and Steven R. Newcomb, CoolHeads Consulting
Description: This session will provide a non-technical introduction to Topic Maps (ISO 13250) and XML Topic Maps (XTM, GPS for the Web). The speakers for this session, co-editors of the ISO/IEC Topic Maps specification and founding co-chairs for the XTM Activity, will provide managers with a basic conceptual understanding of Topic Maps and explain how this technology can be applied in a business environment.
Presentation Materials:
Power Point Slides

Management Track: The Business of Knowledge
Track Chair: B. Tommie Usdin, Mulberry Technologies

The Laws of (New) Media: Marshall McLuhan and Knowledge Technologies
Dale Hunscher, CEO, South Wind Design, Inc.
Description: Marshall McLuhan foresaw the effects of the Internet more than 30 years ahead of his time. His "Global Village" concept is now a household word, as well as a virtual reality. In this presentation, we'll look at McLuhan's Laws of Media to see how they help us make sense of the features of the markup language standards world.
Presentation Materials: Power Point Slides

Best Practices & Approaches for Using IT to Support KM
Cindy Hubert, Manager, Knowledge Management, APQC, Custom Solutions
Description: It is no coincidence that information technology (IT) has blossomed at the same time that knowledge is becoming recognized as the most valuable of a firm's assets. There is a powerful synergistic relationship between KM and technology; that relationship drives increasing returns and increasing sophistication on both fronts. In this presentation Ms. Hubert will provide guidance in how IT can be used toward KM efforts.

Presentation Materials: Power Point Slides

Getting on the Knowledge Bus: Objects, Links, and Asset Management Strategies
Chris W. Higgins , Attorney at Law
This presentation will discuss how the Knowledge Bus is a channel over which knowledge flows between two or more knowledge processing devices to provide a common medium for the explicit representation and exchange of knowledge assets. By unifying the infrastructures for data integration, security policies and knowledge personalization, the Bus exploits generic addressing and linking to create a new world of fungible knowledge objects.
Presentation Materials: Power Point Slides

Managing the Intellectual Property Lifecycle
Bryan Bell, President/Founder, Synth-Bank LLC
Presenation Materials: Power Point Slides

Creating Standards-Based Knowledge Systems using NewsML and Topic Maps
Daniel Rivers-Moore, Director of New Technologies, RivCom
This presentation will provide an overview of the NewsML and Topic Maps standards. It will show how, because of their powerful synergy, Topic Maps and NewsML can combine to make a newsfeed into a knowledge engine, and a news archive into a navigable knowledge repository.
Presentation Materials: Power Point Slides

What's Required in Knowledge Technologies - A Practical View
Speaker:  Reid Smith, Vice President Knowledge Management, Schlumberger
Description: Reid Smith is responsible for leading the effort to improve organizational performance through processes and technology to capture, share, and apply the overall experience and know-how of people in the company. Learn about the requirements for knowledge technologies from a practicing knowledge manager.
Presentation Materials: Power Point Slides

eCommerce Powered by Knowledge Technologies
Dr. H. Holger Rath, Business Segment Manager, empolis Content Management GmbH
Description: Discussed during the session will be how a B2C eCommerce Web site require excellent sales support (assistance) to attract the customers and to be successful. Ordinary database and fulltext queries as well as simple profiles do not provide the expected level of service. Knowledge technologies can fuel intelligent searching, personalized feedback dialogs, and sophisticated knowledge navigation giving the customer the kind of help and comfort she is looking for. The results are higher traffic, turnovers, and increased customer satisfaction.
Presentation Materials:
PDF Slides

Intelligent Document Content for e-Business
Dan Z. Sokol, President, Cohesia Corporation
Description: This presentation will discuss the requirements for enriching XML to enable more automated document interpretation in support of e-business activities. The presentation will discuss real world applications in a trade exchange and a manufacturing enterprise.
Presentation Materials: PDF Slides

Management Track: Case Studies
Track Chair: Sam Hunting

Case Study - Siemens Automation and Drive Help Desk: A Knowledge Work-Place with Self-Service
Norman Zimmer, Business Development Manager, empolis NA Inc.
Description: The presentation will outline an approach to knowledge management using case based reasoning (CBR), a discipline within Artificial Intelligence. The technical aspects of CBR will be explained and this will be followed by a case study of an application developed for Siemens Automation & Drives in their worldwide after-sales service department.
Presentation Materials: Power Point Slides

Creating a Dynamic Knowledge Management System for Increased Enterprise Performance and Innovation
Dr. Charles H. Bixler, Director of Knowledge Management, Keane Federal Systems, Inc.
Description: The purpose of this presentation will be to present formal research conducted to identify the value of Knowledge Management to an enterprise in terms of its ability to solve enterprise-wide problems, determine the resources and conditions necessary for initiating a Knowledge Management System (KMS), and determine the expected benefits of a KMS. This will provide a "validated" foundation for developing a process model that will be used to design and implement an enterprise Knowledge Management System.
Presentation Materials: Power Point Slides

Personalized KM for eLearning
Nick Carr, CEO, Allette Systems
Delivering distance education can provide numerous benefits in terms of quality and cost, but it can also presents a number of challenges. Private and public questions, persistent but growing FAQs, the maintenance of course curriculum and messaging are all problems in the delivery of remote instruction. This presentation discusses the issue of personalised knowledge management for distant students from a knowledge mangement perspective.
Presentation Materials: Power Point Slides

Case Study - Portfolio Tracking and Competitive Intelligence
Sam Knox, Director of Analyst Services, Inxight Software (Replaced by Christopher Cho, Inxight Software)
Q: How can a venture capital compan find new opportunities within its portfolio and competitive environment? A: By consulting a next-generation portal built atop a dynamic industry model, fed by core information extracted from unstructured text documents. On behalf of the Deutsche Bank eVentures group, Inxight Software built a prototype portfolio tracking and competitive intelligence tool that uses Inxight's unique and powerful visualization technology to generate a highly visual and interactive view of the industry model. Entity extraction and categorization are used to organize documents within that industry model, while intelligent summarization brings key information to the surface for easy absorption. In addition, the portal employs sophisticated linguistic processing to extract new facts about industry structure and participation from the incoming content stream, thereby automatically keeping the model up-to-date. The result is a powerful, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain solution for portfolio monitoring, research and prospecting by VC analysts.
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