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Opening Plenaries


Douglas B. Lenat
President/CEO, Cycorp, Inc.

Power Point Slides

Just Common Sense

Doug is one of the world's leading computer scientists, and is both the founder of the CYC® project and the president of Cycorp. He has been a Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie-Mellon University and Stanford University. He is a prolific author, whose hundreds of publications include the books: Knowledge Based Systems in Artificial Intelligence (1982, McGraw-Hill), Building Expert Systems (1983, Addison-Wesley), Knowledge Representation (1988, Addison-Wesley), Building Large Knowledge Based Systems (1989, Addison-Wesley). His 1976 Stanford thesis earned him the bi-annual IJCAI Computers and Thought Award in 1977. He was one of the original Fellows of the AAAI (American Association for Artificial Intelligence).


Dr. Nic Fulton
Chief Technology Strategist, Reuterspace, a division of Reuters

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The Industrialization of Knowledge

Dr. Nic Fulton is the Chief Technology Strategist for Reuterspace, a division of Reuters focusing on B2B and B2C initiatives. Nic has worked for Reuters in a number of locations, and most recently headed up XML Architecture and Design for the company. In this role, Nic has overseen Reuters involvement with W3C as XML has developed, and coordinated Reuters involvement in standards consortia including FpML, NewsML, IRML and XBRL. Nic has also been a long term member of Reuters core Research and Standards group, in which he acts as an internal consultant to many key Internet projects. Nic has a PhD in Quantum Physics and lives and works in New York with his astrophysicist wife.


Scott Cooper
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Knowledge Management Business Unit , Lotus Development Corporation, a division of IBM

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Scott Cooper is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Lotus' Knowledge Management Business Unit. He is responsible for the development of Lotus' suite of KM products including the Lotus Knowledge Discovery System, a suite of technologies designed to allow organizations to discover the contextual relationships between people and information. He also manages the Document Management, Workflow, Search, and SmartSuite teams.

He joined Lotus in 1992 as a Product Manager responsible for developing add-on technologies to the Lotus Notes Platform. During his career at Lotus he has focused on developing new products for emerging markets and has brought over a dozen new products to market. As General Manager of the Document Management business he launched Domino.Doc, a content management add-on for Domino that has achieved massive growth and a multi-million seat installed base. In 1997 he led the acquisition of Onestone technologies, a German workflow technology vendor and integrated their business into the Lotus knowledge management family.

He was also one of the principal strategists that conceived the current Lotus Knowledge Management vision and technology strategy. This marketplace represents one of Lotus' most significant growth opportunities.

Prior to joining Lotus, Mr. Cooper held various development and marketing positions at Eastman Kodak. He joined Kodak as an engineer working on advanced development of digital imaging applications. As Product Engineer, he was instrumental in developing and launching Eastman Kodak's first PC-based desktop imaging product. Mr. Cooper was also a founding member of a Kodak subsidiary that built the first add-on product for Lotus Notes.

Mr. Cooper speaks extensively at industry events, is an advisor to several Lotus business partners, and is a recognized leader in the Knowledge Management arena. Mr. Cooper holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Saint John Fisher College.

11:00am - 12:30pm

W3C, XTM, ISO, PRISM Standards Update Panel
Representatives of the W3C, XTM, ISO, and PRISM organizations will provide the latest information on the status of their respective technical work items.
Panel Speakers:
Dan Connolly, XML Activity Lead, W3C - https://www.w3.org/2001/Talks/0305-kt-upd/
Eric Freese, Chair, XTM Working Group - Power Point Slides
Jim Mason, Chairman, ISO/IEC JTCI/SC34 - Power Point Slides
Linda Burman, Co-Chair, PRISM Working Group
Ron Daniel Jr., Co-Chair, PRISM Working Group

2:00pm-4:30pm Closing Plenary:

Knowledge Communities Panel
KT2001 focuses on the technologies that enable knowledge. As such, this conference specifically reaches beyond the Information Technologies audience. In fact, KT2001 has been designed as a conference that will provide a bridge between knowledge communities that currently have no forum for interaction. This panel is designed to provide for a meeting of the minds, so that each knowledge community can learn from the other for mutual benefit.
Presentation Materials:
No slides were used during this session.

Communities participating in the panel include:

  • Knowledge Organization / Libraries: Eric Miller, OCLC
  • Internet / Semantic Web: Dan Connolly, W3C
  • Document / Asset Management: Steven R. Newcomb, CoolHeads Consulting
  • Knowledge Management: Joseph Williamson, EDS Federal
  • Knowledge on the Web (KnoW.org): Daniel Rivers-Moore, RivCom

Closing Keynote

Edd Dumbill
Managing Editor, XML.com

HTML Slides

Presentation Summary from XML.com

Building the Semantic Web

Edd Dumbill is Managing Editor of XML.com, part of the O'Reilly Network. He writes and speaks on the subjects of XML and the Web. He is also the creator of XMLhack.com, the popular XML developer news site, and WriteTheWeb.com, a web site focusing on the writeable, two-way, Web. Edd is also co-founder of Pharmalicensing.com, an online intellectual property exchange for the pharmaceutical industry.

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